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Secretaries To Committees And Trusts

We have acted as Secretaries to Committees of various donor-funded projects.

A case in point is our appointment as Secretaries to the Project Implementation Committee of a Trust formed to conserve a major national forest here in Kenya.

The fencing project was a joint venture between the Trustees to the Forest Sanctuary and the European Union (EU) through the Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF).

Our role in this project involved the following:

-Convening and attending the Committee meetings and minuting proceedings thereat;
-Facilitating workshops for key stakeholders;
-Periodic reporting to the main donors, the European Union; and
-Ensuring compliance by the parties with the Financing Agreement governing the project.

Secretaries To Provident Funds

The Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) Act provides that a Secretary must be appointed for registered schemes.

We have acted in this capacity in the following manner:

 Convened and attended meetings of members and recorded proceedings at such meetings;
 Dealt with amendments to the Trust Deed and Rules (TDR) in order to comply with the rules and regulations in place;
 Liaised with the Administrators & Approved Issuers on matters relating to the Scheme as a whole;
 Co-ordinated the audit of the Fund by the external auditors;
 Generally ensured compliance with the RBA Act.


Report & Accounts

Co-ordinate the publication and distribution of the entity’s annual report and accounts and interim statements, in consultation with the company’s internal and external auditors, in particular, when preparing the Directors’ Report.