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Registration of Entities

Registration Of Companies, Foundations And Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
Scribe Corporate Services have vast experience in registration matters and enjoy a wide portfolio of clients, many of whom are multinational in nature.Some of our services include:– Introducing the client to the relevant Government Authorities – such as the Investment Promotion Centre, the private investment arm of the Government.
– Dealing with all matters relating to the incorporation of companies and registration of foreign branches of Companies, Foundations and Non-Governmental Organisations.
– Acting as Secretaries to NGO’s.
-Acting as Authorised Officers to foreign branches of Companies and Trusts.
-Overseeing the observance and compliance with the intricate licensing and regulatory framework, required for the legal operation of businesses within Kenya;
-Dealing with ongoing statutory compliance matters for different forms of entities.
-Preparing all the relevant documentation such as Dividends Notices and facilitating payment of shareholder dividends.
-Assisting clients in identifying reputable estate agents for office and residential accommodation.
-Generally guiding clients on reputable service providers to assist and facilitate in the establishment of client operations in Kenya.
-Sourcing information and undertaking industry–specific research studies.
-Legal investigations – Including land and industrial property searches.
-Dealing with company dissolutions/de-registrations.


Registration Of Joint Ventures
-Ensuring that the venture documentation properly represents the parties’ intentions;
-Facilitating the necessary partner meetings and ensuring that an accurate record of these meetings are prepared and kept; and
-Registering the agreed upon joint venture entities.


Registered Office

*Establish and maintain the registered office for the entity, where applicable;
*Attend to receipt, co-ordination and distribution of official correspondence received by the company, sent to its registered office;
*Ensure the provision of facilities for the public inspection of registers and corporate documents.