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Meetings Services

 Meetings & Workshops
-Facilitate the smooth operation of the organisation’s formal deliberation, decision making and reporting machinery;
-Organise Stake/ Shareholder, Board and Committee meetings in accordance with requirements in law;
-Formulate meeting agenda with the chairman and/or the chief executive;
-Prepare and issue notices of meetings, and distributing proxy forms;
-Assist in collecting, organising and circulating information, documents or other papers required for the meeting;
-Ensure that all meetings are properly convened and constituted where there are joint ventures;
-Ensure that all meetings are minuted and that the Minute Books are properly maintained;
-Prepare directors for any shareholder questions and create briefing materials;
-At meetings, ensure that proxy forms are correctly processed and that the voting process is carried out correctly where applicable.

 Companies Under Statutory Management

We have assisted court appointed statutory managers, whereby our duties included:

 Preparing the relevant Notices convening the Creditors Meetings;
 Acting as scribes at the Creditors Meetings;
 Overseeing the voting processes at the meetings;
 Minuting the proceedings at these meetings; and
 Presenting the Minutes to the statutory manager as a permanent record.