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Other Corporate & Advisory Services

Acquisitions, Disposals & Mergers

* Participate as a key member of the team established to implement corporate acquisitions, disposals and mergers;
*Protect the company’s interests by ensuring the effectiveness of all documentation;
* Ensure appropriate disclosures are contained in official documentation to assist in the due diligence process thus adding value to the evaluation exercise.


Legal Health Checks

Every Company and its Directors are obliged by law and responsible for the maintenance of accurate and complete statutory records.
Failure to meet these requirements may result in risks to the reputation of the organisation, and financial penalties.  Criminal sanctions may also be imposed on the officers of the Company.
We have the experience and know how to carry out legal health checks and searches on the status of a company’s statutory and other corporate records.
This may include:
* Reviewing the Company’s statutory records and comparing these with the public records at The Companies’ Registry to ensure that the records are up-to date so as not to expose the officers of the Company to civil and or criminal liability or other related risks or fines;
*Ensuring that the appropriate authority has been granted to the officers of the Company in executing their duties;
*Ensuring due observance of the law regarding timely execution of documentation;
* Examining the Company’s licences and permits
*Examining the Company’s staff manuals and contracts; and
* Generally assessing the level of Corporate Governance within the organisation.

Investigative Search

Investigative searches are becoming continually crucial whereby organisations are required to know the identity of their corporate clients both locally and internationally.  This is particularly so following the recent additional anti- money laundering guidelines and Registry-General directives in Kenya.
Our methodology is designed to access more detailed and relevant information than is ordinarily available from public records.
This service is also aimed at:
*Facilitating legal due diligence reviews;
*Assisting in establishing ownership of assets;
*Assisting in valuation of assets; and
* Assisting in valuation of entities.