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Welcome to Scribe Corporate Services

The origin of Scribe Corporate Services can be traced back to 1956 with Company Secretarial services provided by Angus Lawrie Jeremy & Company, a Secretarial and Accounting firm which transferred its business to

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E.A. Registrars, a company owned by KPMG.
E.A. Registrars acted as the Secretaries to various KPMG clients until the enactment of the Certified Public Secretaries Act in 1989 when Scribe Services, a partnership owned by KPMG, was registered .
Scribe Corporate Services was created following the winding up of Scribe Services in July 2013 and is a “preferred service provider” for corporate services to varied clientele.

Scribe Corporate Services provides Company Secretarial & Corporate Governance services. These Include:

  • Corporate Registration and Compliance services;
  • Immigration services;
  • Intellectual property services ; and
  • Environmental Impact assessments and Environmental Audit advisory services.


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